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The Michigan Muslim Community Council has served the community for over 25 years. Our new name was adopted in 2012 after the merging of the Council of the Islamic Organizations of Michigan (CIOM) and the Islamic Shura Council of Michigan (ISCOM), and reflects our new focus on community building with our expanded board. MMCC is an umbrella organization that unifies and coordinates the large Muslim community in Michigan to make the state a better place for all.

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Volunteers Needed to Help to Deliver Clean Water to Flint Residents

Michigan Muslims are calling on volunteers to join them in providing Flint residents with much-needed water, provide lead testing and help relief operations. Volunteers can sign up here or call (248) 268-2766.

Flint, MI (2/4/2016) – The Michigan Muslim Community Council (MMCC) has issued a call for volunteers to support residents of Flint who are faced with contaminated water, health decline, and lack of resources. Over the next few weeks, MMCC has asked for 200 volunteers every weekend to help with water aid distribution, food pantry organizing, and medical testing for lead exposure. Volunteers can sign up here.

“Our neighbors in Flint still don’t have regular access to clean and safe water,” states Nurah Petross, Board Member and project lead for MMCC. “Providing water to those in need is one of the highest forms of charity in our faith. We call on all people of conscience to join us in this effort.

MMCC has partnered with the Sylvester Broome Empowerment Village and others on the ground. Flint residents are being offered free lead screening at Broome and are counseled by local physicians. Coordinated efforts to distribute and deliver water to the hardest hit areas of Flint are being carried out by the Broome,  Life for Relief & Development, MADE Institute, and Islamic Relief with collaboration with the Red Cross and Michigan Works! Volunteers are also assigned to assist the Eastern Michigan Food Bank.

In the past two weeks, the Muslim community has donated over 400,000 bottles of water to local Flint residents, and provided over 400 volunteers.  In addition, MMCC launched a dynamic fundraising effort, “Clean Water for Flint Michigan” on LaunchGood, a Muslim-run online crowdfunding platform that is soliciting donations from concerned people across the country and around the world, and has already raised over $30,000.

Flint’s infrastructure has been broken and so has the trust of its people, we are doing our best to help play a role in restoring both, by providing safe water, screening for high lead levels in blood, assessing neurological damage with MRI’s and providing health advice to the community.  Despite the overwhelming numbers we are providing as much support as we can,” states Dr. Jawad Shah who is a Board Member at the  Broome Village and is leading the screening. Clinic hours are from 9:00am-1:00pm every Saturday at the Broome building.

The Broome Empowerment Village is leading the “Flint Coalition” which is advocating for the following 5 demands: The Flint area should be designated a major federal disaster area, the pipes in Flint need to be changed, the state of Michigan should make a major investment to meet Flint’s long term needs, an independent auditor should be appointed to oversee Flint spending, and Flint based individuals and businesses should be contracted to help with the repairs and overhaul to the infrastructure. They will work in conjunction with other local and national groups. Coalition meeting are held each Saturday at 2:00pm. at the  Broome Village, 4119 Saginaw St, Flint.

We want everyone to understand that there is no quick fix to this catastrophe. There is a clear need for a sustained long-term relief effort that must coincide with the rebuilding of our water and community infrastructure,” states Omar Kamran Director of the Broome Center. 


American-Muslims Will Raise $50,000 to Deliver Water, Aid to Beleaguered Flint Residents

Michigan Muslims come together to provide Flint neighbors with much-needed water and helps group expand sustainable relief operations

Flint, MI (1/18/2016) - The Flint Water Project – which has been distributing water and filters in the neighborhoods for weeks, helping residents cope with the disaster caused by the failure of its water system – is receiving much-needed support, both on the ground and financially, from Michigan’s Muslim community. The outpouring of organized support from Muslim-Americans has marshaled human resources and dollars to deliver increased aid and relief to their Flint neighbors on a daily basis. The group’s work is particularly urgent in light of the failure of all levels of government to timely deliver badly-needed clean water resources to a community already devastated by poverty, crime, and blight.

The avoidable disaster and human tragedy in Flint  presents a two-fold challenge to all based on our humanitarian values, without regard to color or creed. First, we must meet the immediate needs of our brothers and sisters in humanity by building a sustainable water-relief effort. Then we must make a commitment to necessary investments in our infrastructure and reforms of government to prevent a repeat of the unthinkable,” stated project spokesperson, Attorney Tarek M. Baydoun of Dearborn, MI., advisor to the Michigan Muslim Community Council (MMCC) - a coalition of Michigan Muslim organizations engaged in “unifying communities, promoting the best Islamic and American values, and pursuing social justice in America.”

The Project will deliver sustainable aid aimed at delivering clean water to the residents not only by continuing and expanding efforts to deliver bottled water and filters, but by executing plans to deliver larger amounts of clean water by truck and tanker to residents that don’t have enough clean water to bathe and clean with. “We want everyone to understand that there is no quick fix to this catastrophe. There is a clear need for a sustained long-term relief effort that must coincide with the rebuilding of our water infrastructure” stated Omar Kamran, Flint Resident and Executive Director of the Sylvester Broome Empowerment Village - a local non-profit social services organization - and Director of the Flint Water Project.

One group of volunteers and donors, young and old, met at Fordson High School in Dearborn Michigan last week to deliver over 40,000 bottles of water and water filters to Flint on Martin Luther King Day. Islamic Relief USA donated 35,000 bottles, and Life for Relief and Development donated 30,000 bottles this week also.

In addition to traditional fundraising methods, the Project launched a dynamic fundraising effort, “Clean Water for Flint Michigan” on LaunchGood, a Muslim-run online crowd-funding platform that is soliciting donations from concerned people across the state and around the world, and has already raised nearly $16,000. A goal of $50,000 is planned over the next 2 weeks.

The effort has already begun to garner support from interfaith partners and people and organizations across the state and the nation. 

For inquiries: 
Muzammil Ahmed: mahmed@mimuslimcouncil.com - 734-494-0005


Michigan Muslims Condemn Acts of Mass Violence in San Bernardino
(Royal Oak, MI, 12/4/15) – The Michigan Muslim Community Council joins the nation in condemning the horrible violence and to mourn the loss of innocent lives Wednesday in two mass shootings this week, at the Inland Regional Center in San Bernardino, and in Savannah Georgia.
We extend our sympathies and prayers to those who were senselessly killed and ask the Most Compassionate God to grant full recovery to the injured and bless them with patience and strength.
The chairman of the Council, Dr. Muzammil Ahmed said that “All communities of faith need to stand up against this mass epidemic of violence regardless of the perpetrators race or religion.  MMCC calls on our community to work with those who wish to end the violence, and to honor the precious lives lost by serving others this holiday season.  MMCC will join the Jewish Relations Community Council, in the annual effort of Mitzvah Day, to perform meaningful acts of community service. MMCC will also partner with local church groups for service projects this weekend.”
Imam Mustafa Elturk, Co-Chair of the Imams Council of the MMCC, said “Let us come together to pray for peace and to work for peace. Volunteer with any organization that serves those in need, and advocate for public policies that promote justice for all. It is clear in our religion that the taking of a single life is the equivalent of the killing of all humanity, and we declare that nothing in our authentic texts justifies this type of violence. We unequivocally reject any ideology which perpetuates it.”

MMCC encourages local to check our community calendarfacebook page or website for volunteer opportunities for this holiday season.

For inquiries: 
Muzammil Ahmed: mahmed@mimuslimcouncil.com - 734-494-0005
Imam Steve Elturk:  ameer@ionaonline.org - (248) 268-2766
Imam Mohamad Almasmari, Executive Director: Imamalmasmari@mimuslimcouncil.com

Michigan Muslims Urge Governor to  Welcome Refugees

(Royal Oak, Michigan 11/18/2015)- The Michigan Muslim Community Council is disappointed that Governor Snyder has decided to pause his support for the resettlement of Syrian refugees into Michigan. After the recent horrific terrorist attacks in Paris, Beirut and Egypt, it is normal to have fear and care about the well being of our own families here in Michigan.  Instead of falling victim to fear, this should be a time to increase our empathy for victims of violence and extremism.   

Refugees from the Middle East already undergo an extensive security clearance process.  Unlike in Europe, Syrian refugees aren’t sneaking into the U.S. They’re being processed in over months, or even years with thorough background checks and interviews. Over  750,000 refugees have come to the United States over the past 10 years, and none of them have been charged with domestic terrorism. We appreciate the Governor’s concern about the safety and welfare of Michiganians, but feel that this fear is unfounded due to the rigorous screening process in place.

Numerous nonprofits have been preparing for the influx of Syrian refugees to Michigan.  We need Gov. Snyder to help keep Michigan a state that welcomes refugees, and recognizes the cultural and economic benefits that they bring. The Arab and Muslim immigrants have reduced crime and improved housing values and tax collection in almost every region they have  touched from Dearborn to Canton to Flint to Hamtramck to Rochester Hills. Over 75% of the refugees are self sufficient within a few months.  In the case of Syrian refugees in Michigan, there are already many nonprofits that are prepared to assist refugees on their path to become fully independent, integrated and contributing.

In an ideal world, displaced Syrians could simply return to safe, comfortable homes.  The harsh reality is that their lives have been turned upside down by over 4 years of terrorism perpetrated by the Syrian dictator Bashar Al-Assad and more recently, by ISIS.  According to the UN, there are 6.5 million internally displaced Syrians and 4.2 million that have fled the country.  Most of these refugees are cared for in Turkey, Jordan, and Lebanon.  The global failure to resolve the conflict or to provide a safe haven for civilians to flee to has put us in the position we are in today.

By turning people away using the specter of fear, we are turning away the greatest victims of ISIS, the refugees of Syria. We also cast suspicion and dislike towards people with Arab and Muslim backgrounds.  Instead, we can do better by showing compassion and kindness, and allowing Syrian refugees to call Michigan their new home.  Then, we will have lived up to our ideals.


For questions or Inquiries please contact:
Iman Abdulrazzak: Director of the Michigan Muslim Community Council Syrian Refugee Taskforce

Contact: 248-268-2766


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