Unifying communities, promoting the best Islamic and American values, and pursuing social justice in America

Unifying communites, promoting the best Islamic and American values,
and pursuing social justice in America

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Imam's Committee


The Imams Council of the MMCC is a council of more than 25 Imams representing Islamic Centers in Southeast Michigan. The Imams meet monthly to discuss the needs of the Muslim Community as well as the community at large. They represent all the major Muslim sects, both Sunni and Shia, and multiple ethnicities, races and hometowns in Michigan. These Imam's created the historic Code of Honor in 2007, outlining the mutual respect that all Muslims, regardless of sect or ethnicity, must have for each other, and the imperative to work together out of mutual love of God and his Prophet.


Recent Activities:

4/18/13 The Imam's Council met at the Islamic House of Wisdom. This month, guests included representatives from Access and the Muslim Mental Health Professionals. The Imam's Council encourages attendance at an upcoming workshops on mental health issues and counseling. They also discussed the challenge of domestic violence and access to resources for victims. Finally, they issued the following statement condemning the Boston bombing:

Imams Condemn Terrorist Attack at Boston Marathon

(Royal Oak, MI, 04/17/13) – On behalf of the Imams Council of the Michigan Muslim Community Council (MMCC), we offer our condolences to the family of victims who lost their lives in the unfortunate tragedy in Boston on Monday, April 15, 2013. We express our sadness and sorrow for the loss of our fellow innocent citizens. Our prayers and thoughts are with their families and with those who were injured and the people of Boston. We condemn in the strongest terms such acts of terrorism that take the lives of innocent people. This evil act is detested by all faiths and all people. We turn to God for solace and help.

The perpetrators (extremists) with their perverted ideologies will not succeed in dividing our nation. As Americans, we stand in solidarity with all communities and men of conscience undivided against all acts of terrorism and ideologies that promote such heinous acts.

May God almighty help heal the wounds of the injured and grant patience to the families who lost their loved ones and fill the hearts of Bostonians and the American people with peace. 

3/29/2013 Imam'c Council has issued a statement on the appointment of a new Pope:

The Most Reverend Archbishop Vigneron and the entire Religious Leaders Forum, greetings of Peace,

 I would like to on behalf of the Imams Council of the Michigan Muslim Community Council (MMCC) congratulate the most Reverend Archbishop Allen Vigneron and the Catholic community world wide on the election of the new pope, Pope Francis.

As the new pope deals with the many challenges the Catholic Church faces, we must trust that Pope Francis will continue treading on same footsteps his predecessors did, having a dialogue with people of other faiths particualrly the Muslim and Jewish Communities.

I must tell you that the love and welcome we received this past Tuesday at St. Fabian in Farmington Hills where Fr. Jeff Day serves, having an Abrahamic Trialogue (Faith Comparison) attended by more than 300 people was touching. My colleague and friend Rabbi Michael Moskowitz and I felt right at home with our brothers and sisters. We shared our faith perspectives on difficult issues such as Mary, Jesus, Trinity, Forgiveness, etc. and at the end everyone respected each other’s views and respectfully agreed to disagree. However, the atmosphere of having good friendship and fellowship is what counts. I believe if we continue to work together and understand each other better, our communities can unite under the banner of one race that care for each other.

We pray to the almighty God to continue to bless those relationships and bless our efforts in building a better community, country, and world. Amen.

On behalf of the Imams Council, once again, congratulations.

Steve Mustapha Elturk
Co-Chair of Imams Council of MMCC


3/19/2012 The Imam's council held a special briefing with renowned Islamic scholar and thinker, Professor Tariq Ramadan. Excerpts of this discussion regarding challenges Imam's have in their communites will be available shortly.

9/29/2012: Local Imam's held an Imam's picnic where several local Islamic leaders from various congregations came to Ford Field in Dearborn for some BBQ and friendly games. This outreach event allowed local community members to meet Imam's in a casual setting, and allowed them to see the deep mutual respect that exists between the Shia and Sunni communities in Michigan.

In their July 2012 meeting, The Imams met at the American Muslim Center (AMC) in Dearborn. Daedra McGhee from the U.S. Department of Justice, Community Relations Service, was present at the meeting and shared with the Imams ways to improve relations with neighbors. She acknowledged fact that the Anti-Islam/Muslim attacks are on the rise and the Imams must work together to address this important issue. The recent fire bomb thrown at an ongoing construction site for an extension at the AMC was discussed. It caused over $30,000 in damages. Another issue the Imams are discussing is same sex marriage and how it might affect our Muslim Community. The Imams are working on drafting a statement to be followed by a Seminar in the fall on Family Issues where the subject of homosexuality and same sex marriage will be explored.

The Imams Council welcomes questions and comments from the community at large.

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