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General Fund

This fund will cover a variety of operational and project expenses that MMCC incurs. Donation to this fund gives MMCC discretion to direct funds to areas of the most need. You may request that your funds be directed to a specific project in the MEMO section of paypal.

Food Pantry and Anti Hunger Program

This fund supports purchasing food at discounted prices to be distributed to those in need. This distribution is done monthly through our partners at Gleaner's Food Bank, Muslim Family Services, Zaman International, and over 20 local mosques and community centers. In Ramadan, the Ramadan Fight Against Hunger uses this fund to distribute food also.


Zakat Al-Fitr

Zakat Al-Fitr (Fitra) is $10 for every person in the household. Please multiply the number of people including children in your household by 10 to know how much is your Fitra.


Michigan Qurbani/Oudhia

This fund pays for the sacrifice of a lamb during Eid al Adha. The cost is $160.00 per lamb. The meat is distributed locally according to Islamic regulations. MMCC partners with Islamic Relief, Gleaner's Food Bank, Muslim Family Services, Zaman International, and over 20 local mosques and community centers.

Day of Goodness

Donation for this fund will be used to support various charitable activities in the area of heath, food assistance, social services and other worthy service projects that the community needs.

Maintaining the Houses of Allah Project

This fund supports the upkeep and maintenance of mosques in need throughout Michigan.

Zakat Al-Mal

This donation is used as mandated by Islamic regulations to assist needy families locally.


Michigan Muslim Community Council is a 501c3 tax exempt oganization. If you wish to direct funds to a specific area of work or project, please indicate this on the memo section of your donation. You can also contact us at the phone number above if further clarifications are needed.

Michigan Muslim Community Council
30701 Woodward Avenue, Suite 310
Royal Oak, MI 48073
(248) 268-2766